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Drama Classes & Youth Theatre

Drama Classes & Youth Theatre

Stantonbury Theatre's partnership with Black Sheep Collective!

Black Sheep Collective deliver Youth Theatre classes in collaboration with Stantonbury Theatre. This is an exciting opportunity for both organisations. It provides Black Sheep Youth Theatre members the opportunity to use and access the resources of Stantonbury Theatre whilst also giving Stantonbury Theatre a fully functioning creative learning programme.

With the participation numbers of Black Sheep’s classes increasing, our Youth Theatre provides additional opportunities to members and ensures the engagement Black Sheep provides is relevant and beneficial to all participants taking part.

An adult acting class runs alongside the existing Black Sheep Youth Theatre programme.
Black Sheep Actors is held every Tuesday evening from 7pm to 9pm for people aged 18 and up.
The sessions focus on developing performance skills and exploring various theatre practices. The group will be working towards various performances throughout the year.

Black Sheep Collective want to reassure existing members of the Youth Theatre that just because the location has changed, the ethos and work that Black Sheep will provide will not. The move opens up room for development and more opportunities for participants.

Free tasters will be available for all of the classes. As Black Sheep Collective and Stantonbury Theatre want to reduce barriers that stop people from accessing and engaging in the arts, bursaries and payment plans will be available for those who need them. We aim to adapt and respond to the needs of participants wherever we can.

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