The Paper Birds present


Co-commissioned by Live Theatre & The Marlowe Theatre

We are taught from a young age to aim high, to reach for the stars, to want more, more than our parents, more than the generations before us, to climb the social ladder. But as we surge forward, what are we leaving behind? And from our ladder in the stars, if we look back, what do we see?

The acclaimed Paper Birds make their eagerly-awaited Stantonbury Theatre debut with this unique, intimate 40-minute theatre show set in a caravan, based on interviews conducted in communities across the UK.

“Mobile neatly turns the caravan into a magic box where every cupboard and drawer springs a surprise” The Guardian

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  • Wed 20 September 3.00pm
  • Wed 20 September 5.00pm
  • Wed 20 September 5.45pm
  • Wed 20 September 6.45pm

Tickets £10

Schools £8

Note: Mobile is set in a caravan situated at Stantonbury Theatre.

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